Ai Wan   > > >
Entrepreneur Ai Wan in the VIP lounge of her glitzy club “China Doll” in the heart of Beijings Sanlitun District
Mr Du   > > >
Unemployed Mr Du Stands in front of the empty job board where he normally looks for work.
Cheng Linxiang - Sichuan Earthquake Survivor
Cheng Linxiang, 38 sits next to his dead sons grave outside his home in the Wenchuan mountains. Cheng dug with his hands for 3 days in the remains of his sons school until he found the body. He has since been threatening suicide.
Mr & Mrs Zhang - Sichuan Earthquake Survivors
Mr & Mrs Zhang sit in the shell of their new home as it is built. When the quake struck they rushed back from the mountain find their house destroyed but all their family alive and well.
Ruan Yong
Ruan Yong in Tiananmen Square - Tian Xia ( One and all under the sky )
Chang Ping
Chang Ping in Tiananmen Square - Tian Xia ( One and all under the sky )
Jia Zhen Lian
Jia Zhen Lian (74) from NeiMengGu is jobless but is part of a travelling group of Olympic street artists. The small team try to get support by camping outside near the Olympic venues and welcoming people of all cultures by singing or performing.
Zhuàng Wei
Zhuàng Wei is a Bus driver and comes from the countryside near Hubei.
Jian Tao
Jian Tao is from Shandong “We welcome the people of the world, to see a new China” .
Enter the Old Town - Solidified Memories
With the planned demolition delayed and mounting rumors over its redevelopment the fate of the old town lies truly unknown.
Homework - Solidified Memories
Zhang Zhengfa sits on the bed of his home which is also the local shop. In a living space of approximately 4 square meters he provides a telephone and sells cigarettes & confectionary through a small hatch to the local community.
Chinese Opera - Solidified Memories
Zhang Wan Yu sings a song surrounded by household waste which is dumped on peoples rooftops. The old towns courtyards are in a considerable state of neglect, with such disrepair and a lack of adequate toilet facilities.
Biker Gang - Solidified Memories
Guo Chang Jiang and his friends use their motorbikes as a cheap taxi service for the locals, as they are unlicensed they must keep an eye out for the police but on a good day can earn over 50 yuan.
Neighborhood Watch - Solidified Memories
Zhang Ao peers through the door of his living space. After the local fires people had become increasingly weary and are on the look out for any strangers.
Li Siu Ming
Li Siu Ming , 46, from Shandong works as a “physical healer”. Ming often travels to other provinces in search of work.
Guo Jin Yu
Guo Jin Yu, 73, from Dalian has lived in the old town for 30 years. “im not sure, maybe its a good thing if they demolish this area, some of these bricks are becoming fragile and dangerous”
Ai Tong Ming
Ai Tong Ming, 50, pictured carrying a bowl of meat to the market has lived in the old town for 8 monthes, he is originally from Chaoyang Laoning.
Lei Min & Gong Ling Ling
Lei Min, 13, and sister Gong Ling Ling 2, are from Sichuan. Photographed outside their home.
Zhao Wenqi
Zhao Wenqi, 20, from Dalian studies at university locally and is the only person we found in the area who speaks English . She told us her English name was “Vicky” and spoke about western pop music.
Solidified Memories
A grandmother and her daughter stand either side of a great generational divide in Chinas history.